Dress Code

VVHS Dress Code Policy

Students attending Victor Valley High School shall dress and groom for school with emphasis on neatness, safety, cleanliness, modesty, as well as personal and public health. The Dress and Grooming Code is approved by the School Site Council and the Victor Valley Union High School Board of Trustees. Under the State Constitution, applicable statutes, Board Policy and Administrative Regulations, school authorities have the right and obligation to adopt rules and regulations governing the conduct and operations of the school, including those relating to student dress, grooming, performance and behavior.

 Clothing Policy 

  • Clothing or jewelry which depicts or suggests any illegal activity; sexually related or obscene gestures, pictures, logos, insignias, or wording; the use or abuse of drugs, tobacco or alcohol; or poses a threat to the physical well-being and safety of the students or others, shall not be worn on campus or at any school-related activities. 

Prohibited clothing includes clothing with images of anything prohibited at school such as:


  • Nudity, partial nudity or sexually explicit content
  • Curse words, derogatory or offensive language
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia (including marijuana, alcohol and tobacco)
  • Gang affiliation
  • Weapons or violence
  • Gambling or dice
  • Illegal activity
  • Clothing must have appropriate hems, with no slits, tears or holes above the knee for pants/skirts/shorts, or on the back or front of shirts/tops. Exception – factory frayed jeans are allowed as long as no skin is showing below the knee.  
  • Leggings or tights are not to be worn as pants.
  • Strapless, spaghetti-strap, and off-the-shoulder tops are not permitted (See Modesty section below)
  • Baseball caps other than official VVHS hats are not permitted (See Head-wear/Hat Policy below for details)

Head-Wear / Hat Policy  

Hats are not permitted at school with limited exceptions: 

  • Official VVHS school hats may be worn outdoors only 
  • Unadorned solid color beanies may be worn outdoors only
  • Hoods may be worn outdoors only
  • Headscarves are permitted

No hats or beanies will be worn in-doors by males or females.  VVHS caps or visors must be worn with the brim facing forward. No do-rags or bandanas are to be worn on campus by males or females. No other headwear is allowed on campus and may be confiscated by any school staff. 

Non-school hats may not be worn, carried by hand, or hanging from a belt loop or backpack—they must be out of plain sight. 

  • 1st violation – hat or other headwear is confiscated and student can pick it up at the end of the day after serving a one hour detention
  • 2nd violation – hat or other head-wear is confiscated for parent pick up after serving a one hour detention
  • 3rd violation – hat or other head-wear is confiscated and held until the end of the school year

If a student has a legitimate reason, such as medical necessity requiring the student to wear a hat or hood in class, the parent/guardian may contact the student’s administrator for special permission prior to wearing the hat or hood. 


Clothing must be worn to adequately cover undergarments and areas that undergarments normally cover. Tops, shorts and skirts must be long enough to prevent unnecessary distraction. Legging and tights must be covered by a top which is the length of the fingertip. Shorts and skirts must come down to the fingertips when the hand is fully extended along the sides of the leg. Shirts, sweaters, T-shirts and blouses must meet the top of pants or skirts. Belly buttons may not show. Pants may not sag to expose shorts. 

Prohibited attire includes, but is not limited to:  sheer blouses, braless outfits, tube tops, spaghetti straps less than one (1) inch, strapless garments, off-the-shoulder blouses, open-back tops and open-side tops. Tank tops intended to be worn as outer garments are allowed for males and females.  The opening around the arms cannot extend more than 2” below the armpit (for males and females), and the straps must be at least one inch wide.  Any tank tops regardless of color which are designed to be worn as undergarments are not allowed.  Pajamas, blankets and other sleepwear are not allowed. 

Gang Attire

Gang-related clothing varies from school to school and may change from year to year.  No clothing or articles of clothing including, but not limited to gloves, bandanas, backpacks, wristbands, and jewelry related to a group or gang which may provoke others 1) to acts of violence, or 2) to be intimidated by fear of violence, shall be worn on campus or at any school related activity. Administration has the discretion to determine gang attire. 

If a group of students wears a particular color and engages in intimidating behavior such as whistling, “throwing up signs,” tagging, and/or being perceived by others as a clique, set or gang, students in that group may not be allowed to wear that color at school for the year. Parents will be notified and failure to refrain from wearing the color may result in disciplinary action and possible suspension/expulsion. 

Dangerous Objects/Inappropriate Attire  

No students shall wear articles of clothing, jewelry, or accessories which, in the opinion of the school administration, pose a threat to the physical well-being and safety of the student or others.  This includes, but is not limited to, such items as spiked collars, spiked rings, wristbands, and body piercing, laser pens, and wallet chains.  All dangerous objects will be confiscated by any staff member and turned over to administration for possible disciplinary action. 


Sunglasses will not be worn indoors at any time.

Dress Code Violations

Students who habitually violate the Dress Code will be subject to further disciplinary action as stated in the Victor Valley High School Violations of Discipline Code.  When a student violates the Dress and Grooming Code, they will report to their appropriate administrator. The administrator or designee shall make the determination of the student’s violation of the Dress and Grooming Code.  If it is determined that the student is in violation, the student shall remedy the violation by:

  • Obtaining and changing into acceptable clothing.
  • Remaining in the Office until the parent brings acceptable clothing.

If the Dress Code violation is not remedied, the student may be held in the office or sent to In-School Suspension for the remainder of the school day. Items in violation of the Education Code are to be surrendered to the appropriate administrator.

Parents of students who violate the Dress and Grooming Code will be notified in writing or by telephone.  Parents may meet with the administrator to discuss the violation.  If the parent is not satisfied at the conclusion of the conference, the parent may schedule an appointment with the principal.

*Note:  Administration has the final authority in case of dispute on issues of dress and grooming (Ed. Code Sec. 35010, 35291, Board Policy 5113.7). This includes, but is not limited to, any type of dress and grooming or materials which have been recognized or give evidence to cause disruption or interference in the instructional program or other school related activity at victor Valley High School.