Request Official Transcripts

To order Official Transcripts from the District Website,

start by clicking the link:


  1. Click on the little backpack as a "current student looking to order your high school transcript"
  2. Fill in all of the fields required. Some of them you may not be able to fill in - for example, it asks you to fill in your Driver's License number, and if you don't have one, it's ok to just type in your 6-digit VVHS school ID so it's not left blank.
  3. Then, when you get to the part where it says "Documents to be delivered to" there is a blue button to click on the right that says "Add Delivery Address" Then choose "Educational Institution" from the drop down menu, and then, when you start typing in, for example:   California State University _______, it should auto-find the actual admissions address you'll want to send your transcript to.  You will need to check a box answering what reason you need the transcript for, and when you do that and say you need an official transcript - it will look like it's going to charge you around $7... but if you haven't ordered or used your free copies yet, it won't, don't worry.  You just have to proceed with your order and it will zero the total out.
  4. You get five transcripts sent for free... thereafter the copies are $2 each. Also - VERY IMPORTANT - when you are asked to upload a picture, you need to upload something with your picture and student ID on it, it can be an older-or this year's VVHS ID card, or an ID or Driver's license. They don't accept selfies.  Haha!

This is how you order Official transcripts to be sent directly from our District Office to your school of choice.  Counselors cannot produce official transcripts.