Graduation Requirements & A-G Requirements

Victor Valley High School A - G Courses

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Victor Valley High School Graduation Requirements


Entrance Requirements for California State University System (CSU) and University of California System (UC)


MUST complete all required classes with grades of a “C” or better.

All classes must be college prep or higher.

For UC System:  Must complete 11 of the A-G entrance requirements in the first three years of high school. All courses must be completed with a ‘C’ grade or higher.


Kristie Moitoso           (A-CO)         Ext. 31148        

Josie Struebing     (CP-HA)     Ext. 31146         

Adrian Mullikin          (HB - MI)         Ext. 31108 

Andrea Porter                   (MJ - R)                 Ext. 31141         

LaDonna Silva                    (S-Z)                 Ext. 31142