Graduation Requirements & A-G Requirements

Victor Valley High School A - G Courses

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Victor Valley High School Graduation Requirements

40 units English

30 units Math (10 Integrated Math I)

20 units Science (10 Life / 10 Physical)

30 units Social Science (World History, U.S. History, Govt. /Econ.)

20 units P.E.

10 units Fine Art (Art/Music/CTE/Foreign Language)

70 units Elective

Total of 220 units (150 required subjects / 70 units elective)

All students must pass Algebra I and or Integrated Math I.


Entrance Requirements for California State University System (CSU) and University of California System (UC)

                                English:                                         4 years

                                Math:                                             3 years (Integrated I, Integrated II, and Integrated III)

                                History:                                         2 years (World History & U.S. History)

                                Science:                                         2 years (1 year Biology & 1 year Chemistry or Physics)

                                World Languages:                   2 years (Same language – first & second years)

                                Visual/Performing Arts:      1 year (art, drama, Graphic Communication, yearbook                                                                                                  or music)

                                Electives:                                      1 year (chosen from selected areas)

MUST complete all required classes with grades of a “C” or better.

All classes must be college prep or higher.

For UC System:  Must complete 11 of the A-G entrance requirements in the first three years of high school. All courses must be completed with a ‘C’ grade or higher.

Grad ChecksIf you are going to graduate in May 2021 and have not received a graduation check from your counselor by September 30th, Please call your counselor! Phone numbers and extensions for each counselor are listed below.

Ms. Moitoso           (A-Espin)         Ext. 31148         

Mrs. Struebing     (Espio-Loo)     Ext. 31146         

Mrs. Porter              (Lop-RH)         Ext. 31141         

Ms. Silva                    (Ri-Z)                 Ext. 31142