ROP and CTE
                     Do you want to earn college credit while taking  classes?
The following ROP and CTE classes can give you skills that you can use in the industry. 
**  These classes offer college credit if you earn a B or better.

Construction Technology

(wood/steel framing, electrical wiring, roofing, tile, drywall, masonry, stucco, cabinetry).

Introduction to Engineering Design (UC-approved elective-Project Lead the Way course)

Learn the basics of engineering design and use of engineering software in designing.

Graphic Design- (elective) learn to use software to create your own designs which are printed in a variety of formats (bumper stickers, t-shirts, etc.)

Welding and Metal Fabrication- (certificate) -

trains students in entry level welding positions in the industry. The processes taught are: shielded metal arc, oxy-fuel, gas metal arc, flux cored arc, gas tungsten arc fabrication.

Career Technical Education

Automotive Technology (after school ROP)
Video game design
Computer animation design
Graphic Design.jpg
  • Victor Valley Adult School