Bridge K16

Bridge K16

is a program created to make transition to a community college easier.

Participation DOES NOT mean you HAVE to attend a community college or VVC.

Bridge is for students that :

*may consider VVC as a stepping stone to a university

*may want to concurrently enroll at VVC while attending elsewhere

*Are not sure if they will be able to afford the college of their choice

*are unsure of what they want to do

* want to guarantee their class choices for their first semester or more at VVC.

VVC offers an Associate degree and Career Technical Education certificates.

Participation will consist of:

-Bridge registration

-VVC application

-Career activities that will help you determine your interests and career goals

-Assessment test

-Help with class selection

-Help with registration

All of these things will be done on the VVHS campus during the school year, enabling seniors to be prepared to step right into college

without any of the headaches associated with new enrollments.

It starts with registration on Remind101, a text or e-mail communication program that will allow Ms. Porter to send your updates on:

Due dates and deadlines for Bridge Tasks

informational meetings

when to meet for assessment tests, enrollment, etc.

To get set up with remind101 ( and parents can do this too) text the words: @4ad5c     to 760-488-6803 or send an e-mail to :

These 2 methods will feed your e-mail or phone into the bridge system so that when Ms. Porter has information to relay, it will be sent directly to your phone or e-mail. This will allow the students and parents to get the most recent updates and information without heading up to the counseling office.

Don't delay! Sign up for BRIDGE today!! :)
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