Tips for Attendance

Tips for Attendance


Did you know?

· You only have 72 hours to call when your student is absent or late to school. You can call the Attendance Office at any time, day or night. Call (760) 955-3300 Ext. 31150, 31151, 31152, or 31153 and leave a voicemail if no one answers.

· Do you get an automated phone call home about your student’s attendance? That phone call goes home any time your student is late to or misses even one class. Give the Attendance Office a call to find out why. If it’s a mistake, we have steps we can take to fix it. If it’s not  a mistake, we can discuss ways to improve your student’s attendance so that you won’t get those calls anymore.

Are you connected?

Our parent portal will give you instant access to view your student’s grades, attendance, and teacher contact information. Come to the Attendance Office with your ID and we can get you set up. If you’d like more information about the Parent Portal, call our Parent Coordinator at (760) 955-3300 Ext. 31180. Please note that for student safety we cannot release this information over the phone. 

Have you heard about our Daily Attendance Report program?

If your student has trouble going to their classes during the school day, we can get them set up with the Daily Attendance Report program.    Every morning they will come to the Attendance Office before class starts and get a Daily Attendance Report. They take that report to each teacher who then signs off on their attendance. The student takes the report home for you to sign. The next morning they bring the completed report back to the Attendance Office and trade if for a blank one. We will not give them a new one if they do not bring us a completed report from the day before. If they’re not bringing home their Daily Attendance Report to you, they’re not going to class. Call the Attendance Office for more info.




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