APWA High Desert Branch

        Engineering Scholarship                           $500-$1,500

          Deadline 3/9/18


Delta Sigma Theta Sorority

          GPA 3.0 or higher, essay,                        

          Extra-curricular, letters of rec.

          Deadline 4/3/13- see Mrs. Lillard


Prince Hall Memorial Scholarship

          Minority students, seniors                       $1,000-$5,000

          Essay, transcripts

          Deadline 3/27/18- see Mrs. Lillard


VVUHSD Teaching The Future Scholarship

          VVUHSD student, senior                          6- $400 scholarships

          Pursuing a career in education

          Deadline 4/23/18- see Mrs. Lillard

Doris Davies Trust Scholarship

        Need, Community Service, Scholastic

          Ability-  500 word essay.

          Deadline 3/13/18- see Ms. Lillard

Dreamers, Visionaries, & Leaders $500

Multiple scholarships, eligibility details including GPA

Requirements are found on the DVL website- 3/23/18

Oro Grande Foundation Scholarship $1,000- $2,500

Two and Four year scholarships available.  Eligibility

Requirements vary- 3/9/18

See Ms. Lillard for details

MEEC Scholarship $2,500

Senior must major in Environmental Science, Environmental

Engineering, or other closely related field- 3/16/18

Carollee Stater Memorial Scholarship

Female planning to attend VVC, community/school

Involvement- 3/23/18

Florence Lindberg Memorial Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA, resident of Adelanto, pursue two or four year

Degree, financial need- 3/23/18

High Desert Community Board Choice Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA, actively involved in the community,

Financial need- 3/23/18

Louise Stewart Memorial Scholarship

Minimum 3.0 GPA, attend VVC, exhibit community/school

Involvement, financial need- 3/23/18

Siverts Publishing Scholarship

Must be majoring in graphic design, broadcasting, video

Production, photography, news media, mass communication

Studies, or journalism- 3/23/18

Trever Bennett Memorial Art Scholarship

Applicant must be pursuing a degree in an artistic

Field- 3/23/18

Tanya Gordon Memorial Scholarship

Applicant must be from a middle class family, not otherwise

Eligible for financial aid- 3/23/18



          Females pursing a business related career

          Deadline 4/15/18

          See Mrs. Lillard


Hesperia Wranglers   

          3.0 or better, 2 letters of rec.                 $500-$750

          Copy of transcripts, letter

          Deadline 4/1/18

          See Mrs. Lillard


Don Ferrarese

          Community Service                                  $4,000

          Deadline 4/1/18

Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation

          Healthcare or medical related career

          Academic excellence, school and

          Community involvement

          Deadline 6/1/18

          See Mrs. Lillard


Do Something Scholarships $5,000- $10,000

Campaign and Seasonal scholarships available on a variety

  Of topics – Dates Vary

National Center for Learning Disabilities Varies

NCLD recognizes outstanding students with learning disabilities

And attention issues with scholarships and awards – Dates Vary

California Chafee Grant for Foster Youth $5,000/year

Current or former foster youth under 22 who was dependent

(as established by the court) between 16 & 18 yrs old – On-going

No Essay Scholarship $2,000 winner monthly

May enter once per month.  Winner is selected by random

Drawing.  US citizen or permanent resident. - Monthly

Weekly Scholarship $1,000

Apply every week, once a week – Weekly

Chegg Monthly Scholarship $1,000

Monthly scholarship given to high school student who best

Answers the monthly prompt. – Monthly

Every Month Scholarship $1,000

Must be at least 18.  Award must be used for educational

Expenses.  Random monthly drawing. – Monthly

University Tutor $1,000

Students write a short essay on a given topic. – Monthly

African American Scholarships Varies

See website for details – Dates Vary

Asian American Scholarships Varies

See website for details – Dates vary

Geneseo Migrant Center Scholarships Varies

Scholarships for Hispanic students – Dates vary

Hispanic College Fund Varies

See website for details – Dates vary

Latino College Dollars Varies

Scholarships, grants, & volunteer opportunities – Dates Vary

We also have a great partnership with High Desert Community Foundation.  You can find awesome local scholarships on their website at

  • Victory Valley Adult School